Who are we?

We are adventure seekers, different from other adventure seekers in that we try to find adventures in the extravagant as well as the mundane.

What do we do?

We seek adventures. We are on the ever-constant quest to find adventures in our own backyard (but we also relish the occasional far-ventured quest to feast our eyes on a new creation & landscape we have never seen.)

Why do we post?

Social media does not need to be a fairytale or far-shot dream to be achieved by the viewer. Social media should be real & raw, beautiful and ugly, relatable and friendly. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of following the people who look like they have their shit together. We do not have it all together, and we won’t pretend to either. We realize that life is hard, and going on an adventure around the world may not be feasible for everyone.  We also realize that we live in a world of technology and convenience. We want to encourage you and your loved ones to get outside and escape the addiction of technology, while at the same time, maintaining the convenience of exploring the world in your own backyard and city. We want to encourage you to minimize your screen time and replace it with true beauty and a backdrop that will point you in the direction of true satisfaction and contentment in life. Ultimately, we want to encourage ourselves of these things, and by making a commitment to posting daily, we hope to help our own hearts venture on this endless quest. Come along with us!

Little by little, we’ll travel far!